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KTHT 30-Day Poetry Challenge

Photo by author, Susan Foster

I first learned about the publication Know Thyself, Heal Thyself (KTHT) when I read Tree Langdon’s spectacular poem, “Feeling The Fullness Of Life.” I noticed she wrote the poem in response to the KTHT 30-day poetry challenge, using a prompt provided by Diana C.

As I read through the prompts, the Day 8 prompt, “Delight in the Moment,” struck me as exactly the advice I needed at that very moment. Though I’m not a poet, I immediately composed a few loosely structured verses to clarify my thoughts.

Delight in the Moment

For the first time in a few days, the breeze is chill.
I’m warmed…

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“Mom, I want it. This comforter is awesome.”

“The one Grannie gave you is fine. Learn to be frugal,” said mom.

“But it’s so ugly. It’s ruining my Instagram posts!”

This 30-word story is in response to:

These are the challenge parameters.

  1. Your story must be 30 words exactly.
  2. Your story must contain the word frugal.
  3. Your story must contain dialogue (at least two people speaking).

The story behind the story

The word frugal immediately reminded me of the beautiful linens handed down from my grandmother to my mom, and then to me. …

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Poof — Here one minute; gone the next

I worked hard on a short story, polishing every detail. Satisfied, I published it as a post on my blog. Not quite two hours later, I noticed–poof–it had simply disappeared!

The URL remains intact, as does the title, but the entire contents of the post (story and the photo) had completely disappeared. Since I’m nearly positive I didn’t reopen my dashboard after publishing it, I don’t think I accidentally deleted it. I am totally flummoxed.

Blogger is the platform that hosts my lifestyle blog. I contacted them via their Help desk as soon as I realized my post was missing…

I wrote this piece of fiction using word prompts. See below for more details.

A SPLAT, a Schlurpppp, and a Smooch

Sooo.” My mom crooned, in a soft persuasive murmur, “Are you going to help me?”

Mmmmm.” This sound came out of my full mouth garbled and non-committal–I uttered it both as a platitude and a moan of pleasure. The piece of steak I was chewing was so rare I almost heard it moo before I put it in my mouth, just the way I like it. My mother was not placated!

My mother was not placated. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!” Her tone rose to a shriek. “Egad. Were you…

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I awoke during the wee hours of the morning, and a litany of thoughts was running through my mind. Instead of tossing and turning, I got up and wrote the doubts that plagued my dreams. It was too early to get up, so I laid back down and was soon fast asleep.

Only after I poured my first cup of coffee did I remember what I had done. I checked to see what I had written, expecting to see gibberish.

To my surprise, the sentences I’d formed were closer to poetry form than anything I usually write while wide awake…

Image by author, Susan Foster

My husband left for work at seven this morning, and I settled in front of my computer. My goal was to finish two nearly completed pieces of writing and submitting them to publications today.

Three hours later, here’s what I accomplished:

See if you can spot what’s missing from this list!

  • I read seven essays by other writers and left thoughtful comments on them all.
  • I fed the cat a few treats.
  • I checked my stats and income for the month on Medium.
  • I let the dog outside.
  • I gathered together a load of laundry and put it in the washing machine.
  • I took a selfie photo…

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Susan Foster

Susan enjoys life in Montana with her husband, a cranky old cat, and a pleasant, smart dog. Author of a lifestyle blog, she writes fiction and non-fiction.

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