Their disappearance inspired this attempt at an uncommon poetic form

Sky thick with what looks like clouds but is actually a smoke plume from a forest fire. A small red shiny dot is visible in the center of the photo, which is the sun.
Photo by author, Susan Foster, taken of the sky near White Sulphur Springs, Montana, on…

I’d never heard of the form of poetry called “Dizain” until Will Hull tagged me in a poetry challenge. He learned of it from this article by Adelia Ritchie.

I traced back a number of links and I think the challenge actually originated here, written by Somsubhra Banerjee:

According to Somsubhra, the basic rules for a Dizain poem are clear:

One ten-line…

Image by author, Susan Foster

6-word photo story summer challenge

Ball of fire, framed by smoke.

Forest fires are common during August and September in Montana, but they started much earlier than usual this year. Seeing a red ball in the sky tonight, I was struck by how the sun is a burning fireball, yet it is the smoke from within our atmosphere that makes it…

“House Guest”, Image by author, Susan Foster

6-Word Photo Story Summer Challenge

Sweltering summer night;
breeze-induced shadow.

Our daughter’s cat is staying with my husband and I for a week. When she crawled up behind the blinds in our bedroom to sniff the breeze coming in the window. I didn’t know she was there until I saw this silhouette.

Thanks again to…

Editing our own work is tough, but would a good writer make these glaring mistakes?

The word typo written on a brick wall
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

I have been working my way through the questions posed in the writing challenge, Ask Yourself Empowering Questions. This brought forth a searing question of my own: How can I possibly have missed not one, but three enormous errors in the titles of two of the responses I wrote last…

“10 pm sunset,” Image by author, Susan Foster

~ 6-Word Photo Story Summer Challenge

Sunsets like this make artwork superfluous.

Thank you, Mary Chang Story Writer, for this fun photo/story challenge, and Will Hull, for tagging me as an invitation to participate. Also, thank you Snapshots, for publishing these stories.

Per the guidelines for this photo challenge, I’m adding the following tags.

Hollie Petit, Ph.D., Ching Ching, Bingz Huang, Sandi…

Juicy, cold, and tasty; this ticks all the boxes for what to eat on a blistering-hot day.

Ingredients for watermelon salsa, in bowls placed on a black and white checkered cloth.
Image by author Susan Foster, via The Most –of Every Moment.

One of my favorite summer recipes one year was a Watermelon Salsa recipe I found on the website Eating Well. One hot day, with a watermelon in the fridge, I decided to make the salsa. Imagine my dismay when I realized I didn’t have the other ingredients. It is a…


Prompt #3: What is your worst flaw and why are you keeping it?

Photo by Simon Watkinson on Unsplash

Why would anyone refuse to give up a flaw?

Prompt #3 of the Ask Yourself Empowering Questions is, “What is your worst flaw, and why are you keeping it?” I hardly thought about this before I knew my answer to the question.

There may not be a single word for my worst flaw — it is caution all wrapped…

An “Ask Yourself Empowering Questions” Writer’s Challenge Response

Prompt #2: What experience do I want to create now?

Image by author, Susan Foster

When I first saw the question, “What experience do I want to create now?” which is listed as the second prompt of Tree Langdon’s “Ask Yourself Empowering Questions” writer’s challenge, all kinds of world-improving and lofty goals came to my mind. What surfaced amongst my thoughts, however, was what I’ve…

Susan Foster

Susan enjoys life in Montana with her husband, a cranky old cat, and a pleasant, smart dog. Author of a lifestyle blog, she writes fiction and non-fiction.

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